Ensure Financial Security for the People of Israel

Ogen’s Swords of Iron Emergency Economic Relief Fund

On October 7th, Israel faced an unprecedented and brutal attack by Hamas terrorists, resulting in the tragic loss of over 1,400 innocent lives, with thousands wounded and over 220 taken captive in Gaza. Countless lives have been shattered, homes destroyed, and communities displaced. The situation is beyond comprehension, and the need for immediate and ongoing financial support is overwhelming. The people of Israel urgently need your support.

Economic Crisis in Israel: War's Toll

The outbreak of war has plunged Israel’s economy into significant turmoil, directly impacting tens of thousands of individuals who now find themselves in desperate need of financial aid. Communities and businesses in the South and the North have been evacuated, while nationwide security shutdowns have left small businesses struggling to operate. The IDF has called up over 360,000 reservists, impacting families’ incomes. The nonprofit sector, which plays a pivotal role in delivering crucial relief during crises is under immense strain.

Unfortunately, as the IDF prepares for a prolonged war, the financial pressures already facing the people of Israel will further escalate in the weeks ahead.

Ogen's Urgent Appeal to Raise $35.5M

In response to the current crisis, we’ve launched an emergency campaign to raise $35.5 million, providing interest-free loans and expert financial guidance to thousands of Israelis facing substantial losses. Our initial goal will aid over 28,000 people in Israel, and as needs evolve, we are committed to raising additional funds to expand our reach and provide further support.

With your support Ogen will deploy immediate financial aid to (at least):

Assist 5,000+ people

Families & Individuals

Interest-free loans up to 60,000 NIS and essential financial guidance

Impact 3,000+ employees

Small Businesses

Interest-free & subsidized business loans up to 650,000 NIS, financial mentorship

Support 20,000+ beneficiaries


Interest-free & subsidized loans up to 650,000 NIS, expert guidance and mentorship

Join Us in Making a Difference

Your contribution is vital in strengthening the financial resilience of the people of Israel.

For direct bank transfer and wire information contact us at development@ogen.org

About Ogen

Ogen is a pioneering non-profit social-finance leader dedicated to advancing financial well-being, inclusion, and opportunities for the people of Israel. With a legacy spanning over three decades, our mission is to uplift underserved communities on the social and economic periphery.

Founded by the late Professor Eliezer David Yaffe in 1990, Ogen provides affordable, life-changing loans alongside financial guidance and professional mentoring to low and middle-income Israelis, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Ogen has successfully managed a credit portfolio valued at 500 million NIS ($131 million) and disbursed over 75,000 loans, totaling nearly 2 billion NIS since our establishment.

What truly sets Ogen apart is our holistic approach. Alongside credit access, we offer expert financial management and guidance, bolstered by professional mentoring from our dedicated team of over 1,300 volunteers across Israel, generously sharing their knowledge and expertise. In close collaboration with Israeli government ministries and authorities, Ogen spearheads large-scale initiatives that empower underserved populations to build sustainable financial health, achieve homeownership, and break free from the cycle of debt.

Our vision is to pave the way for a more resilient economic future for all the people of Israel.

Ogen's Unique Role in Times of Crisis

Ogen, as Israel’s sole social lender, has a unique ability to provide rapid assistance, bypassing the delays and bureaucracy often associated with government aid. During prior military operations, Ogen effectively stepped in to support those in need. In response to the challenges posed by Covid-19, we demonstrated our adaptability by expanding our operations to meet the growing financial needs of individuals, families, and businesses across Israel. We stand well-prepared to do so once more.

*Donations are tax exempt in Israel, the US, Canada, and the UK.

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Assist 5,000+ People

The war has placed significant financial strain on thousands of families, leading to numerous challenges. Many individuals have lost their jobs, income, and are grappling with mounting bills. Ogen is ready to extend immediate crisis assistance and work on long-term financial solutions for 1,000 families (approximately 5,000 people) across Israel.

Interest-free Loans: Up to 60,000 NIS to assist those affected, including those with property damage, income disruption, and communities near the conflict zones.

Ogen's emergency hotline offers essential financial guidance during this challenging time to support families and individuals.

Impact 3,000+ employees

Small businesses form the foundation of Israel's economy, employing more than 45% of the workforce. The war has severely impacted businesses and entrepreneurs, making it challenging to meet payroll and sustain operations. Ogen is fully dedicated to assisting 300 small businesses (approximately 3,000 employees) affected, both in the South and across the country.

Interest-free business loans up to 100,000 NIS, with access to additional subsidized loans up to 300,000 NIS.

Financial coaching and professional mentorship available for impacted business owners and entrepreneurs.

Support 20,000+ beneficiaries

Non-profit organizations are Israel's lifeline during crises, and Ogen recognizes their vital work at the heart of civic society. We are dedicated to empowering the critical efforts of 133 nonprofits (approximately 800 employees and 20,000+ beneficiaries).

Interest-Free Loans up to 100,000 NIS to nonprofits providing emergency relief during the current crisis, as well as subsidized loans up to 300,000 NIS.

Expert Guidance: Our hotline provides nonprofit CEOs with professional support, equipping them with tools and knowledge to enhance their organizations' effectiveness during this emergency.